What you don’t want to miss about race car betting

You simply cannot separate car racing from car race betting – they both exist in tandem, and if you do not have a natural passion for the sport, then you won’t find it as fun to bet on. Great things are happening in the sport right now, so we have compiled a catch-up list of all the championship action and news that you really don’t want to miss!

Lewis Hamilton’s ground-breaking Italian Grand Prix moves

It’s a moment in which you expected something would happen, and yet it still catches you completely by surprise. The rare moment will put him in the books of history, making Lewis Hamilton a record holder who broke Schumacher’s record of pole positions. He is now the number 44 cart – a winning one.

Rossi breaks his leg but still optimistic

Valentino Rossi is heartbroken after having missed out on the MotoGP 2017 race. Still, he remains in the game, proving once again that this truly is a man’s sport. That being said, racing still has its fair share of emotion.

Sergio Perez gets ready to make the deal of a lifetime

Force India has been working on securing Perez for India’s 2018 Grand Prix. What this could mean is that great things will be happening before our very eyes. Sergio could very well be the underdog of the sport and break all records. Watch this space for more news.

On and off the tracks, fans of F1 not only follow the game, but they follow the players as well. Whether car race betting or being part of the thrill, there does remain an element of danger in this sport and maybe that’s part of what makes it fun to watch.

The best engineers design the racing cars for peak performance, but it’s still a car and accidents can happen anytime.