The history of race betting and its key players

The history of race betting spans over decades with Formula One being the umbrella of Grand Prix all over the world. One would think the promise of Grand Prix would be an easy one since the winners are pretty much the usual Lewis-Hamilton suspects. Play the game your way, attempt to accurately guess the speed row of your driver and podium finishers.

When you look at the sport of racing itself, it is plain to see that it is run by billion-dollar corporate and media giants. This further goes to prove that even in casinos, this sport has the potential to deliver big winnings; you can easily enjoy great bonus and huge wagers.

Grooming legends

Grand Prix has made so many drivers common household names, that even if you don’t know them ‘Schumacher and Lewis,’ amongst many other greats, you have come to love them. These major players not only get to play in fashionable gear, much to the adoration of the fans, but they are truly built for speed. These are the men and women who hold the power to keep us in suspense and bring us to tears. We seem to bond with them on the tracks, share in their pain and finally their victories and defeats. Other legends of the game are Jim Clarke and Graeme Hill.

The betting version of the game is what others may call as ‘tough’, but the real-life computer simulator gives you a genuine experience of being behind the wheels, so to speak. The game is designed by the industry’s leading talent in the form of Papyrus Design Group. The aesthetics and user experience is quite something, and if people are still wondering, Papyrus Design Group has been in the industry since the late 90s and when it comes to aesthetics, they really deliver!