Racers to Watch Out for

No doubt, F1 is an emotional game, and where there is adrenalin, high-performance engines, and money involved, there is bound to be tempers flying. Let’s look at some moments that made us laugh and cry and ask ourselves ‘what just happened?’

Vettel vs. Hamilton

Fans easily get riled up over this friendly rivalry, especially, earlier this year in Monaco. This is the stuff we hate to admit we love. It creates a level of tension that manages to upset and excite at the same time.

Hamilton’s Monaco Pole

It was history happening right in front of our eyes, and yes, it got us all kind of emotional, but of course, for many non-supporters of Hamilton, this was an upsetting moment. Apart from the fact that Hamilton beat Schumacher’s world record, many still feel like Hamilton lacks the sportsmanship it takes to be a champion because he is quite shy and reserved.

It’s hard to talk about emotional moments without focusing on the reigning champion, Lewis Hamilton. Whether you love him, hate him or simply love to hate him. Lewis has been flying the British flag high and has given us more than a race – a show. Yes, he has given us cringe-worthy moments, but he sure does put on a good show, keeping fans and viewers fixated on him.

The rookies and the underdogs

We watched rookies like Stroll show off his playful skills in Monza. Traditional fans will find his jest-like approach to the sport upsetting, but some enjoy a little nuance in the sport. He is the one to look out for and he always shows us a good time on that grid.

At the end of the day, the good, the bad and the ugly are what helps us understand the sport more and appreciate it. 2017 wasn’t bad at all and it looks like the next year promises to deliver high on both the drama and the hype.