Prestigious car racing tracks all around the world

If you’re an avid follower of F1 or you may happen to dabble in a little betting, you will understand that the circuit where the race is taking place does play a role in how the game plays out. Many of these circuits and racing tracks have become an icon and are a monumental part of the sport, just like the racers and the fans.

Monza Italy

  • This track is known for having hosted the most Grand Prix
  • Monza is very popular for its infamous curves known as the Curva Grande, the Lesmos and Parabolica.
  • This is the home of the Tisfosi, F1’s most enchanting crowd, and fans

Silverstone, UK

  • This prestigious circuit has hosted The Grand Prix close to 47 times
  • The circuit opened in 1943, while World War 2 was still going strong

Circuit De Monaco, Monaco

  • This circuit made its debut in 1983
  • Even though it is quite small, Monaco’s circuit is known for its great turns, particularly the Eau Rouge, Blanchimont and La Source

Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Canada

  • This circuit played host to The Grand Prix in 1976
  • Since then, no other circuit has hosted the Canadian Grand Prix besides the Gilles Villeneuve

Interlagos, Brazil

  • This circuit is best known in history as the as the host of one of the best Grand Prix in Formula One history as well as Brazilian history.
  • Interlagos made its debut in 1975

The venue is everything when it comes to extreme sports like Formula One. These turns could ultimately make you a champion and change the whole game. These are in no particular order but they are some of the many racing circuits such as Zandvoort in the Netherlands, Suzuka in Japan, Imola in Italy and more. They have all had their chance to host this great game, its fans, and its players.