Jamun and the History of Racing

By far, one of the fastest growing sports not only in real life but in the betting circles too has to be car racing. Car race betting takes the love for Grand Prix and translates it into big winnings and for many bettors, this is no child’s play. Nothing short of thrilling, bettors get multiple opportunities to place their wagers.

Depending on the kind of casino you choose, you have the option to bet on the following:

  • Bet for the ultimate championship – Here you get points for guessing who finishes first and on top.
  • Match or level-up – To add some fun to the game, you can choose a driver, between 4 and 6 who will finish strong.
  • Pick the winning/ best lap – This relies on you waiting towards the final minutes of the game, to add excitement.
  • Select a car feature – Some casino’s even go to the extremes of giving you the added option to bet where players guess if a safety car will appear during the course of the game. This is purely for gaming pleasure since there is no way of knowing this and it’s not dependent on any skill.

Like every other betting game, although luck does play a major role in winning, there is also a level of strategy to F1 betting and unfortunately (for the newbies), it depends on your knowledge of the game. Make the ESPN website your friend to kill this game – there you will get all the statistics and how the racers have performed previously and you can use that as a gauge to guess.

There is also a technical aspect to the game and avid fans will know that the grid position can be a make or break situation when it comes to how a racer finishes. Research will help improve your chances immensely, as well as knowing how the race track works inside out.