History of race betting – The journey and scandals

Popularly known as auto racing in the United States, car racing is UK’s darling sport, that is loved and enjoyed by people from all walks of life. You may not be the one to get a thrill from the sound of seeing grown men (and women) in warm gear, driving mean fast machines with beats of engines. Until people learn more about the sport, it will always be riddled with taboo and speculation.

The best of Formula One Betting

NASCAR approved betting sites to offer some of the best F1 betting options. Search for betting Formula One and NASCAR websites to learn as much as you can to get the best user experience, technical nuance, and overall fun. Look out for events that NASCAR makes possible such as the NASCAR Championship cup. One would think the promise of Grand Prix would be an easy one since the winners are pretty much the usual Lewis Hamilton suspects. But no! This couldn’t be further from the truth – the real challenge here is to match the player to the car and guess their fate from there.

One of the Biggest scandals in Formula One

Part of what makes a sport have a certain quality about it is a scandal. Not many will admit this, but sometimes, a scandal can be the spice of life for it adds some character to the sport. Now Formula One wouldn’t be loved by so many without a good scandal to heat things up a little, (or a lot).

So, with that being said, you wouldn’t mention Formula One Scandal without the name Johnny Ecclestone coming to mind. This has to be one of F1’s most notorious followers.

The entrepreneur and sports figure was caught in a public debacle in the year 2013 over Formula One bribery dating back to September. The damage to drop the charges? Close to 6 million Euros – now if something like that doesn’t bring publicity to a sport then what will? They say any publicity is good publicity and bribery and scandal in sports has existed since the beginning of time.