Car racing MVPs: Who reigns supreme?

When it comes to car betting, a lot of ‘luck’ hinges on the knowledge of the game. Unlike other betting games, here you have to keep up with the actual game, by watching it, streaming it or simply by keeping up with what’s happening in it. Also known as motor sports betting around the UK, this is more than a numbers game, but a game of ‘who knows the game best’.

Apart from trending in the betting scene, F1 is widely popular in the world, and is actually recognised and celebrated in other countries outside of the UK. The growth of the sports has not been without challenges, however, Formula One broadcasters are struggling to keep up with the growing online audience that prefers to stream content than watch it on TV. Chairman of F1, Chase Carey and his team are working on making F1 available on digital sites.

Formula One on a digital platform?

The internet is the future of everything and having F1 available on a digital platform would not only be a money move, but a power move as well. Here, everybody wins. The big corporations tap into a new market of digital-savvy millennials and gurus, and the lovers of the sport get more avenues for catching up on the game. The other benefits to this would be:

  • Diversifying the age of the sports through new access to other market segments.
  • There will emerge a new appreciation for the sports.
  • The online betting industry will experience a boom because of this.

Just like other sports, these are times that call for change and transformation. The game can stay the same, but to keep up with the technological advancements, F1 will have to adapt and thrive or risk fading out in the years to come. Only time will tell.