The Jamun Racing Club was birthed by the United Kingdom’s love for the car racing and its commitment to the Formula One World Championship – a relationship that stems from the 1950s. Jamun is not only a group or clique of Formula One fanatics, but a culture and a hub for lovers of the game to share ideas, connect and find out what is happening in the sport globally. It is also an ideal platform for newbies to understand the history of Formula One and follow the journey of the sport. Jamun has been around for as long as Formula One racing has been and has a history of memorable moments such as the 1958 British Championship won by Mike Hawthorne.

It’s understandable that a majority of Jamuns are individuals that have followed the game and have grown with it. This is mainly because the older generation tends to appreciate the game more because they are familiar with its long history. That being said, there has also been a surge of new generation-Jamuns joining the group and affiliating themselves with the culture of car racing.

Here’s what this site will do:

  • Connect like-minded ‘Jamuns’ over racing
  • Both new-generation and long-term generation jamuns will meet here and share insights and exchange ideas and knowledge.
  • Rebirthing the culture of car racing
  • Jamuns will use this a platform to redefine the Formula One culture – which is one of unity, comradery, and friendship.
  • Create a hub for exchanging knowledge
  • We will be the source of information, facts, data and scores about the sport as well as the history and journey of the sport.
  • Be the go-to portal for news and upcoming events
  • We will bring the latest Grand Prix news, events and some gossip on what the players of the game are up to.
  • Celebrate the players and fans of the sports
  • We will celebrate the culture of the game by giving fans a voice to share their version of events and most memorable moments of the sport.